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Pretty Darn Funny: Transmedia Experience

A desperate mom fights off voracious kids in a Hunger Games parody, Jane Austen meets Hip Hop, PTA moms throw a Footloose dance party in the elementary school parking lot.  These are just a few samples of the transmedia experience of the mom-centric web series Pretty Darn Funny

This branded comedy campaign provided a deep and engaging narrative experience for its viewers through live events, a soundtrack albuma user-generated funny video contest and the very first Alternate Reality Game for moms and extended through a boatload of bonus videos, comedy auditions, blogs, Facebook and Pinterest pages “created” by each of the Pretty Darn Funny characters. Each platform was crafted to attract and engage web-savvy moms and share the brand message of publishing company Deseret Book.

Created by Jared Cardon & Jeff Parkin
Executive Producers: Jared Cardon, Jeff Parkin, Jed Morley