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The Book of Jer3miah

Praised by The New York Times as “a tight, suspenseful little series,” The Book of Jer3miah was honored alongside media from programs from Disney-ABC, BET and IFC at the 14th Annual Webby Awards–“the Oscars of the Internet,” and won accolades from the W3 Awards, The Official Best of Fest Award, the NextTV Competition and NewTeeVee.com.

Consisting of 20 five- to ten-minute episodes, The Book of Jer3miah began as an ambitious university class project, lead by filmmakers/professors Jeff Parkin and Jared Cardon. Unlike traditional television or movies, this conspiracy thriller web series allowed viewers to collaborate virtually and in person by deciphering clues hidden in webisodes, solving online puzzles, and finding physical evidence hidden in the real world. These interactive elements shed greater light on the story and characters and encouraged a deeper viewer engagement than a traditional series.

The series continues to reach new thrill-seekers through a special edition DVD release and a novelization.

Executive Producers: Jeff Parkin & Jared Cardon
Director: Jeff Parkin